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Name and Address 

The name of the school shall be Swedish Supplementary Education School and its  address (place of business) is 1 Woodleigh Lane, Singapore 357684. Correspondence should  be sent c/o the Embassy of Sweden, 1 Temasek Avenue, #14-03, Singapore 039192 


To provide Swedish Supplementary Education and to stimulate Swedish cultural  understanding for Swedish-speaking children in Singapore. The school activities help to  facilitate the student return into the compulsory Swedish education system and enable family  transition from Sweden to Singapore.  

Committee of Management 

  1. The Committee of Management for the school, from here on known in this document  as the CoM, shall operate according to the Education Act, Cap 87 (1985 Ed) and the  Schools Regulations (1990 Ed). 

    2. The CoM for the school shall be appointed by the Swedish Supplementary Education  School Society    

         (registered under the Societies Act, Cap 311) and is subject to the  approval of the Director-General of   


         The CoM shall comprise of up to 9 members, as follows: 

         (i) Supervisor 

         (ii) Secretary  

         (iii) Treasurer 

         (iv) 1 – 6 other members if necessary  

          The CoM members will be appointed at the Swedish Supplementary Education  School Society Committee                      Annual General Meeting (AGM).

       3. The term of office of the CoM shall be 1 year.

       4. The CoM shall meet regularly throughout the school year. Meetings shall be held no  less than (minimum)

            4 times during the school year.  

Duties of Supervisor

     5.The Supervisor shall: 

     a) conduct all correspondence with the Director-General of Education concerning the  administration of the School

     b) observe that the appointment and dismissal of any member of the staff of the school  shall be determined by a            majority vote of all CoM members and that action for the  appointment and dismissal of staff shall be initiated              by him/her; 

     c) be responsible for issuing, upon request, to every teacher engaged to teach in his/her School a Letter                             of  Appointment which shall set out: 

         (i) the conditions of service; 

         (ii) the salary scale; and  

         (iii) the conditions upon which the appointment may be terminated; 

      d) be responsible for ensuring that the salaries of all teachers are paid in full when due; e) ensure that no

          instructions shall be given in the school except in accordance with a  syllabus approved by the Director-General           of Education; 

       f) comply with directions given by the Director-General of Education in writing to him as to  the preparation                       or alteration of the time-table of work of any class and submit for the  approval of the Director-General                         of  Education any such new revised time-table; 

       g) cause a copy of the time-table of each class to be displayed, upon request, in the  classroom it normally                         occupies;

       h) inform the Director-General of Education of any change in the hours of school work;

       i) ensure that subscription or fees shall be collected from pupils other than fees  approved by the Director-

          General of Education  

       j) submit to the Director-General of Education for approval a list of the proposed  (1) Education Fee, (2) any                    other fees; 

       k) ensure to keep proper books of account, in which shall be shown every item of income  and expenditure                      received and incurred on behalf of the School; 

       l) ensure that all books of account shall be audited annually by an auditor approved by the  Director General of

          of Education;

      m) ensure that the health requirements as stated in the Schools Regulations (1990 Ed)  and/or as                                           recommenden by the Commissioner of Public Health shall be complied with  and maintained. 

       n) ensure that in every classroom or room used as such, there shall be displayed a  certificate signed by                             the Director-General or an Officer authorized under Section 5 of the  Education Act, Cap 87 (1985 Ed),                             specifying the maximum number of persons to be  accommodated in that room at any one time and that no                 person other than the Director General of Education or such officer shall remove, deface, cancel or alter such               certificat             

       o) keep in his/her custody the seal of the School, a copy of title deeds of school property  and other important   


       p) obtain approval of the Director-General of Education for the closure of school before  such is effected; 

       q) be responsible for the organization of the curriculum both in and out of the classroom,  for the control of the              teachers and for the maintenance of discipline of the pupils of the  School                                                                   

       r) ensure entry of fees paid by pupils in proper books of account as income of the School; s) ensure that receipts

          are issued to the payment of fees by every pupil;                                                                                                                 

       t) ensure to keep all accounts books which shall be available at all reasonable times for  scrutiny by an Inspector             of Schools; 

       u) have powers to delegate part of his duties specified above to other members of the CoM provided that prior               approval to that effect has been obtained from the Director-General of  Education. 

Duties of Secretary

       6. The Secretary shall:  

record and keep minutes of all proceedings and resolutions passed at meetings of the CoM. 

Duties of Treasurer

     7. The Treasurer shall:                                                                                                                                                                           a) be responsible for all financial transactions of the School, including but not limited to  (1) enter fees paid by                  pupils in proper books of account as income of the School, (2)  issue receipts to the payment of fees by every                pupils;                                                                                                                                                                                        

     b) maintain proper books of account of the School and keep such books available for scrutiny by an Inspector of              schools                                                                                                                                                                                           

      c) prepare annual statements of accounts for audit by an auditor approved by the Director General of                                Education; and submit such audited statements to the attention of the  Supplementary Education School Society          ahead of their AGM.                                                                                                                                                                     

     d) submit a copy of audited annual statements of accounts to the Ministry of Education on  or before the 30th                  June, in the following year.  

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